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Hollywood MorrisThe story of  “Hollywood” Henry Morris is an amazing one. He grew up in a drug-infested area of Fort Lauderdale, FL where crime was rampant. Both parents were alcoholics; he and his siblings witnessed domestic violence throughout their childhood. Despite that, he was taught to respect law enforcement and learned of their sacrifice and some of the challenges of their job through programs like D.A.R.E and football coaches who were officers or former military.

Hollywood’s love affair with video production began young and continued throughout middle and high school. As he honed his skills, he was recognized by many groups. He received the JCPenney Golden Rule Community Service Award, Walt Disney’s Dreamers & Doers Award, the Florida Association for Media in Education Jim Harbin Award, and won the South Florida Black Film Festival Oscar Micheaux student competition twice.

Wanting to marry his love of media production with his desire to serve God, Hollywood began working with churches to increase their ministry outreach through multi-media. He has worked with over 50 churches and non-profit organizations including the Service Academy Graduate Super Reunion, National Baptist Convention USA, and the Miami Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen.

In response to the mass riots of 2020 and the defund the police movement. Hollywood had plaques created for the police departments in and around his community. He’s dedicated to using his gifts and voice to advocate for law enforcement, “HOLLYWOOD” while promoting personal accountability and responsibility.