TEAM SchwartzSupport Our Shields is dedicated to those brave men and women who are heroes that risk their lives every day in order to protect and serve.  Our mission is to support police officers by combating negative stereotypes and narratives that are rampant today by encouraging positive police and community interaction. We do this by recognizing the important role our police play in society and promoting the contributions that often go unreported. We are committed to using multimedia to highlight the brave men & women who risk their lives every day to protect us.

We personally deliver plaques to police departments and thank our hero police officers who protect and serve us, keeping our communities safe, responding to our calls for help, and running to danger while others are running away.

No, they are not perfect, and yes, there are some bad police officers, but we contend that the vast majority of cops are doing their best to serve and protect our communities in an ethical, and courageous manner. Because of this they deserve our support.

All communities are at their best when the police and community work together as a team. Be a team player with your police officers and great things can happen! 

What You Can Do

* You can thank them for their service, just like we thank our hero military personnel and veterans.

* You can encourage other people to thank them also. We need to get as many people involved as possible so we can spread and strengthen this mindset of gratitude towards our hero officers.

* You can also work to strengthen community relations with your police by communicating with them and working to create a positive atmosphere of respect, trust and cooperation in your community, such as the homeless.

* Talk with the police. Give them your input. Interact with them. Provide them with information that you think may be helpful to them.

* Work to resolve community and law enforcement problems together. Your community will be better and more unified because of your efforts.